Red Rock Tones

The Hidden Voice of Utah's Arches

Measurements of ambient seismic vibration sped up 25X made audible

  • Rainbow Bridge
  • Landscape Arch
  • Double O Arch
  • Corona Arch
  • Mesa Arch
  • Musselman Arch
  • Sunset Arch
  • Barrette Arch
  • Owachomo Bridge
  • Aqueduct Arch
  • Moonshine Arch
  • Uranium Arch
  • Big Arrowhead Arch
  • Squint Arch
  • Rainbow Arch

Looking for more? See our latest piece - Bridge - a compilation of audible vibration from four important Utah landforms.

All data recorded using Nanometrics Trillium Compact 20s seismometers, see data availability here. More about our monitoring.