Bridge consists entirely of ambient vibration recordings from rock landforms in four distinct regions of Utah's red rock desert. Seismometers are used to measure the resonant tones of these landforms, which combine to create a voice broadcast in an unending hum inaudible to humans. The ambient vibration recordings are sped up to make these infrasonic tones audible.

The work consists of four pieces, four landforms telling a story of threat and discovery, disturbance and peace, through their unique voice: Sunset Arch calls out a silent scream, under threat; Castleton Tower as a portal, while the focus of human life fades; Sipapu Bridge a tomb for the transposed, alive to both worlds; Rainbow Bridge as the heartbeat, resonating unity.

Several of the landforms featured in this work, and the sounds of their vibration, are sacred to Native American tribes of the four corners region who ask that you listen and share with according respect.