Vibration-Based Sound Art


Infrasonic seismic resonance and soundscapes made audible


  • Bears Ears

    Ambient vibration and audio portraiture of landforms around Bears Ears National Monument

  • Exposure

    Seismic soundscapes from public lands of southern Utah displayed with photographs by Fazal Sheikh

  • Great Salt Lake

    Sonic exploration of the margins of Utah's Great Salt Lake inspired by photographs of Fazal Sheikh

  • Bridge

    Ambient vibration recordings from four distinctive landforms in four regions of Utah's red rock desert


Jeff Moore and team from the University of Utah use seismometers to record the ambient vibration and resonance of prominent rock landforms and landscapes in Utah and across the world. Vibration data are sped up to make the normally infrasonic tones audible, translating a seismic fingerprint to a soundprint and making audible the voice of the land. This page features original compositions by Jeff Moore. See our Project Website for scientific background and for more audio examples.

Heard at the header: Ambient vibration of Barrette Arch (Utah) sped up 100 times to make the resonance frequencies audible. The first two modes of the arch combine in a minor third, an earthquake provides percussion, an introduction follows.