The following were generated and analyzed by Finnegan et al. (2022): Ambient Vibration Modal Analysis of Natural Rock Towers and Fins, Seismological Research Letters, doi: 10.1785/0220210325 .

All figures and images copyright Geohazards Research Group, University of Utah, unless otherwise noted

  • Data: Seismic data and photogrammetric models generated in this study are available for download at:
  • Photographs: Eagle Plume 1, Eagle Plume 2, Eagle Plume 3, Eagle Plume 4, Eagle Plume 5, Petard Tower, Tides of Mind 1, Tides of Mind 2, Secret Spire, The Witches 1, The Witches 2, Little Egypt, Castleton Tower, Climbers descending Eagle Plume Tower (photo: Eric Albright)
  • Videos: Eagle Plume Tower (Bears Ears), Tides of Mind Tower (Bears Ears), Petard Tower (Bears Ears)
  • Modal animations: Eagle Plume mode 1, Eagle Plume mode 2, Eagle Plume mode 3, Eagle Plume mode 4, Little Egypt, Secret Spire
  • Vibration recordings sped up 50X to be audible: Eagle Plume Tower 50X, Tides of Mind 50X, Castleton Tower 50X

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